Orchestrating Logistics

  • Find out about late shipments to customers before it’s too late
  • Monitor trends and analyze shipment data to right-size lead times across all lanes
  • Manage interdependencies across your logistics network to track shipment progress



"With the help of Elementum's platform, we gain end-to-end transparency of shipment status and the ability to take action so that we can identify problems, mitigate risks, and better serve our customers."

Frithjof Netzer
Chief Digital Officer, BASF
Be alerted to late or impacted shipments sooner, and collaborate with teams in a joint workflow to speed resolution.


Solution Capabilities

Manage On-Time-Delivery (OTD) of shipments between suppliers, factories, distribution centers and customers
  • Monitor and review the performance of shipment deliveries across your supply chain
  • Easily identify and prioritize which OTD risks to address first
  • Reduce time-consuming meetings and calls with all of the data you need at your fingertips

Reduce lead-times and lead-time variability to right-size safety stock levels
  • Identify your most variable lanes to focus on improving their consistency
  • Remove excess buffer from planned lead times and free up cash from your supply chain
  • Drive carrier accountability through data and reports on lane performance

Have a holistic view of your entire logistics network
  • Monitor every lane, route, and shipment in real-time
  • Be alerted to late departing or arriving shipments
  • Resolve delayed or impacted shipments with your logistics partners through a multi-enterprise incident management workflow
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