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Optimize Inventory Allocation

Minimize stockouts.
Maximize customer

Proactively identify inventory imbalances and

align stock to demand in real-time.

"With Elementum, we can securely share and collaborate on inventory data with our partners."

Mark Richardson, SVP Global Supply Chain, OSI

Stop relying

on analysts working around the clock to manually firefight gaps between inventory and demand forecasts or sales orders.


Proactively on critical product shortages or inventory imbalances.


on what matters most: resolving incidents before customers are impacted.

Did you know 60% of service levels do not live up to S&OP projections?

Download our 2019 Benchmark Report on the state of S&OE (sales and operations execution) in today’s Fortune 1000 companies.

Key Capabilities

Get personal with configurable inventory incident alerts

  • Set up tailored rules for each user or team based on configurable parameters regarding different customers, sites, regions, and product categories
  • Automatically alert users to new incidents that need immediate action, such as at-risk coverage levels
  • Proactively collaborate in real-time to reallocate inventory and avoid stockouts or overstocks

Get straight to your top supply chain priorities

  • Assess your most important priorities with a centralized view of potential product shortages and inventory imbalances
  • Sort alerts by severity, status, or incident type, enabling you to identify and tackle the most critical problems first
  • Review context of the issue without leaving the Incident List, making it easy to quickly evaluate and prioritize alerts

Get context to speed stock-out resolution

  • Quickly triage on-hand inventory incidents with embedded links and files that add context 
  • Track actions to align across the organization on allocation decisions or other shortage mitigation plans, including executive approvals
  • Determine consistent trouble-spots or positive trends in managing root cause of inventory related incidents

Beginner's Guide:
What Is Supply Chain Service Management?

What is supply chain service management, why is it necessary, and how does it work? Includes examples from client success stories, data from the latest research, and a thorough explanation of the power of adopting a supply chain service management platform.