Sales & Marketing

Automate Revenue and Campaign Operations

Elementum streamlines promotional planning, new product pricing, markdown strategies, and more, by unleashing unleases AI, machine learning, and intelligent workflows on your cloud data warehouse.


Log in to Snowflake and start building automations in minutes – no code required


Eliminate costly data transfer, implementation and maintenance fees.


Automatically inherit Snowflake’s data governance and compliance measures.

Choose from a suite of prebuilt applications

Or, build your own. No coding required.

Promotion Planning

Optimize and measure promotion performance. Inventory positions and external events are mined to identify excess inventory and underperforming categories.

Recommendations are made to promote the right items at the right time.

New Product Pricing

Data is mined to recommend pricing for new products based on market data. Insights are provided based on similar items and their sales history.

Price Adjustments

Improve cash flow and influence demand patterns by adjusting pricing. Data is mined to identify inflationary and competitor price changes along with margin targets that are out of alignment.

Actions are automated to notify category management to review and approve price changes. 

Markdown Optimization

Automations enable approval for markdowns and for assigning work to the appropriate teams.

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting

Modern Business Process Optimization for Sales and Marketing Operations

Instant Go-Live, Immediate Impact

Simply log into your cloud, select relevant data tables for sales data, customer segmentation, promotion performance, and more. Elementum automatically begins to build relationships, identifying optimization opportunities.

Dynamic Data Mining, Ongoing Optimization

Elementum dynamically mines your cloud data, streamlining sales campaigns and optimizing promotion strategies through intelligent, fully-automated workflows. Set your operating frequency, and Elementum’s Data Driven Workflows handle the rest.

No Code, Easy Administration

Elementum makes sales and promotions management efficient with easy-to-implement, highly customizable drag-and-drop configurations. Choose from 50+ pre-built processes or craft your custom workflow with Natural Language Processing (NLP) within minutes.

Proactive, Data-Driven Action at Your Fingertips

Witness firsthand how Elementum returns value to your data with cloud-native automations for any business process.