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No More Surprises

Currently, your factories and contract manufacturers are a black box. You only find out about production shortfalls after it’s too late.

When you consolidate production data across sites on a single platform, your teams and partners can work together to get ahead of potential production risks.



A Predictable Cadence is the Secret to Successful Manufacturing

Stay on top of production levels
Without the ability to ensure a consistent and reliable flow of production, you’re forced to deal with expensive downtime, costly expedites, or missed revenue from stockouts.

Elementum’s Orchestration Platform lets you track factory performance and coordinate with partners around the world so you can track actual output, yield, and shipments against plan. Most importantly, when things don’t line up, you can course correct in real-time.

Elementum offers a very powerful value proposition for companies like ours who are looking to future-proof their operations.
Jim Rowan
Chief Executive Officer, Dyson

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Product Features

Access a single view of production across all sites
  • Manage production KPIs and eliminate waste
  • Search, view, and drill down to factory and line-level order production details
  • Monitor output to drive consistency of production
Monitor order progress to improve reliability
  • View production by customer order, internal sale, or work order
  • Review production and shipment processes associated with orders
  • Resolve problems before customers are impacted
Coordinate action to speed resolution
  • Orchestrate all the moving parts of your production process with incident management
  • Collaborate with external contract manufacturers and internal teams to resolve incidents quickly
  • Review performance history to identify areas for process improvement

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