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Real-time shop floor monitoring.

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Made to order.

Stay on top of your shop floor, without actually being on your shop floor.

Real-time Output & Quality Monitoring Real-time Output & Quality Monitoring
Attainment to Plan Attainment to Plan
Data Reconciliation Data Reconciliation
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A visible difference.

You gotta see this.

No more reconciling a sea of spreadsheets. We overlay your factory data with the Product Graph to give you real-time global visibility and alerts on status changes for tracked items—with measurements on your most critical metrics: Output, Quality, Build vs. Plan, and Ship vs. Plan. 

Visilabration: A New Model for Manufacturing in 2015

Actively proactive.

It’s like having a 3rd, 4th, and 5th eye.

Actively Proactive

Discuss operations problems before they get out of hand and highlight issues to drive real-time resolutions.

Made for you.

What we've seen is a need for a much bigger ramp rate. We want fewer touch points between factory and end customers, and ultimately, a quicker time to market. Elementum gives us that. James Rowan, COO, Dyson Request Brochure

Simple subscription pricing.

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