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Over the last 18 months, companies have seen multiple waves of challenges impact their supply chains. In the latest wave, those challenges are less as a result of COVID-19 directly as they are indirect consequences of the pandemic’s wide ranging ripple effects. Today, hyperinflation and labor shortages are crippling supply lines around the world:
  • 14x increase in spot prices to ship goods from Asia to the US since the start of the pandemic

  • 90% of leaders say that labor shortages are limiting economic growth

  • 2+ years for labor markets to normalize according to government agencies
In this guide, we review how the pandemic has impacted global supply chains, and we give a playbook for setting up a digital war room to address the latest challenges.


Three Strategies to Quickly Establish Your
Supply Chain Digital War Room

Appoint a Recovery Leader

Identify the resource who will drive & facilitate key parts of the Virtual War Room operating cadence.

Configure an Incident Management System

Excel, emails, calls & Microsoft Teams will get unruly quickly. Establish a single-source of truth to manage all of the cross talk.

Set a Virtual War Room Operating Cadence

Put in place the operating cadence for managing COVID-19 or other supply chain disruptions.

"Starbucks is finding it effective to centrally manage operational incidents through Elementum. I know who on my team is accountable for managing them; and I know exactly what to tell customers and stakeholders. This is especially helpful as partners are working remotely."

Kelly Bengston
SVP of Global Sourcing & Chief Procurement Officer Starbucks Coffee Company

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