The Workflow Platform
for Snowflake

Data. Driven. Workflows.

With Elementum, you can leverage your data not just for insights, but to trigger actions that automate workflows directly within your Snowflake Data Cloud. 

No data movement, no lengthy setups – just faster, cheaper, and more secure workflows.

  • Proactive Data Mining. Elementum continuously mines Snowflake data to identify patterns, relationships, thresholds, SLAs, and anomalies, which trigger automations
  • No-Code Workflow Builder. Speed up execution with real-time, data-based actions, by automatically assigning and escalating tasks, generating notifications, and initiating approval chains
  • Comprehensive App Marketplace. Users can choose from a library of over 50 pre-built workflow templates for popular use cases like vendor onboarding, inventory management, software license management, new product introduction, risk management, and more

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