Why S&OE is a Paradigm Shift for Your Supply Chain

Don’t get stuck in the past when there’s a paradigm shift happening in supply chain. With a planning centric approach to operations, constant firefighting is viewed as the norm but it doesn’t have to be that way. With S&OE (sales and operation execution) as a key initiative, you get ahead of problems and learn best practices that drive operational improvement.


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How to set up for S&OE success

Establish S&OE best practices from the get go and create a continuous feedback loop with S&OP.

5 steps for a solid S&OE foundation

These easy to follow recommendations will ensure you and your team successfully launch with measurable impact.

How to stand up for S&OE at your company

Not everyone will see the paradigm shift as clearly as you do. We'll guide you in overcoming the most common objections.

"I am extremely proud of the steps Corning has taken over the past few years to optimize supply chain. And with Elementum, built by some of the brightest minds in the industry, we have the levers to be truly agile."

Cheryl Capps
VP of Global Supply Chain, Corning

Don't Be Left in the Stoneage

We all know there is no such thing as a perfect plan in supply chain— in fact, only 40% of service levels live up to S&OP projections. And yet, teams aren’t effectively armed in the best way to react when the unexpected inevitably happens. That’s where S&OE (sales and operations execution) comes in.

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