When applied to supply chain, service management has demonstrated the ability to both increase revenue and decrease costs

The ROI Behind Service Management for Supply Chain

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Service Management is common practice in the world of IT. There’s hardly an enterprise at scale that doesn’t have some form of IT Service Management (ITSM). In fact, in the world of IT, ITSM is akin to CRM in Sales or the ERP in Finance. There’s no debate if ITSM is needed, it’s just a matter of scale and price, depending on the company’s size and goals.

In supply chain, the story is different. While the principles of service management are highly applicable – centralized dashboards, structured workflows, real-time analytics – the adoption of a service management platform is still new. Even though the benefits are qualitatively obvious (visibility, automation, insights), like anything new, change is difficult. As a result, any supply chain organization considering a service management platform, will need to answer the. simple questions “why do we need this?”

Fortunately, the benefits are more than just qualitative. They’re also easy to manage quantitatively, in the form of:

  • Protected revenue

  • New revenue attainment

  • Direct cost savings

  • Indirect cost savings

The result is a compelling ROI that makes the strong case for bringing service management to supply chain.

Compare your business to several real-life company examples to see how your supply chain would benefit from service management.

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Make it easy for teams to capture and link incidents to impacted parts of your supply chain.

Centralize incidents to facilitate weekly review.

Collaborate across teams and partners to quickly resolve.

Analyze root cause to prevent future problems.