Learn How Accuray Established a World Class Sourcing Organization with Real-Time Collaboration

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Successfully operating in the state of chaos that is today’s supply chain requires real-time communication between teams. See how
  • Real-time collaboration enables quick pivots as the global supply chain suffers from electronic parts shortages

  • Accuray and RESCO partner to agree on priorities when capacity constraints are identified

  • Elementum allows Accuray and RESCO to connect and communicate in real time, share ideas, work together, and make quick decisions
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See the Clear Difference Supply Chain Service Management Makes in Your Day

Supply chain managers know all too well the story of endless work and chaos. Take a walk on the simpler side of supply chain management, through this guide that illustrates the dramatic differences SCSM makes in a day in the life of a supply chain manager. You’ll receive a clear description of what SCSM is, how it works, and a clear description of improvements you can count on. Customer testimonials further prove out SCSM’s power, by sharing the positive changes it brought to their supply chain processes, company culture, and job in general.

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Make it easy for teams to capture and link incidents to impacted parts of your supply chain.

Centralize incidents to facilitate weekly review.

Collaborate across teams and partners to quickly resolve.

Analyze root cause to prevent future problems.