Karcher Case Study

With Elementum, Karcher Sees 90% Reduction in Time to
Resolve Service Issues

Karcher is one of the world’s leading providers of cleaning technology.

As you’ll no doubt recall, the Covid 19 pandemic created an unprecedented upswell in demand for cleaning supplies — and this resulted in sales jumping 3x at Karcher!

Good news, but the immediacy of this growth and the servicing issues that followed in its wake created a crisis for Karcher that forced them to look for new solutions.

Karcher looked to Elementum to help them manage their customer service workflow. The positive results came fast. With a mere ten days from kick off to go-live, Karcher began to see benefits. 

Read our case study to find out how Karcher managed

  • Over $100K worth of incidents now visible
  • 90% improvement in resolution time
  • Centralized collaboration without long e-mail chains

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Four Keys to Reducing Delivery Penalties & Outperforming
Customer Expectations with Elementum

Consolidate Issues in One System

Set Clear Priorities & Incident Types

Proactively Manage All Resolution Tasks

Review with Leadership & Address Root Causes

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting

Elementum Supply Chain Service Management Suite

Proactively Manage Customer Order Issues

Gather immediate data on every customer delivery at every stage. Use photographs to document the state of orders and respond proactively if a shipment was damaged or units delayed, even before the customer can send a complaint.

Clear Accountability Across the Organization

Stop inefficiencies and loss of productivity when multiple parties like customer service, logistics, supply chain and sales, all try to work on the same problem. With all customer order issues in one place, it’s clear who is on point to drive speedy resolution.

Reduce Chargebacks and Penalties

Instead of wasting time trying to track down where a shipment went wrong weeks later by relying on people’s memories-- all involved parties, from production to delivery, work together seamlessly to meet customer needs and eliminate unexpected penalties.

How Supply Chain Gets Done

Delivery issues commonly get lost in the shuffle between the warehouse, 3PLs, supply planners, traffic/logistics teams and customer service. Elementum helps you proactively manage OTIF impact, so you can get ahead of potential problems before the customer ever knows. Take supply chain agility to the next level with incident management built for collaboration and task management that drives accountability.

Incident Management

Value at Risk Tracking Root Cause Analytics Collaborate with Suppliers, 3PL Impacted Products, Sites

Task Management

Due Dates & Notifications Task Reminders Assign to Supplier, 3PL Correlated to Incidents

See How to Proactively Manage Supply Chain Exceptions