Use Case:

Hearth and Home's process improvements with Elementum

Saving Thousands of Hours

Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) partnered with Gemtron to collaborate and improve quality for their customers while making their own employees happier and more productive. They achieved this through the use of Elementum, which allowed them to identify and track issues, collaborate in real-time, and continuously improve.
Problem: No Central Repository for Issue Tracking
HHT had data scattered everywhere, including Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, SharePoint sites, and their MRP system. This decentralized approach caused time and labor loss and poor issue tracking.

Problem: Decentralized, Slowed Problem Solving
HHT’s problem-solving was done without a central nexus for notifications, requests, or activity monitoring by relevant contributors. Issues were raised and tracked through emails, spreadsheets, and Access databases, causing major slowdowns in the pace of problem-solving


Elementum offers a solution

Elementum provides a single source of truth with automated workflows and notifications, coupled with insights and analytics to eliminate the old-fashioned way: exporting to CSVs, long chains of CC-emails, everyday stand-up meetings. Let’s find a more efficient way to do business.
Responding in time to the demands of the market can be difficult, and the whole supply chain sector faces this difficulty, but being able to identify the core causes of these challenges allows supply chain professionals to make long-term commitments to change. So, what’s the quick fix for long-term progress?

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About the Speakers

Joshua Cagle, VP Supply Chain

Josh is responsible for leading Hearth & Home Technologies’ global supply chain.  The role includes leading the development and execution of supply chain strategy for S&OP, procurement, supply chain quality, import/export compliance, freight, and distribution.  Prior to Hearth & Home Josh worked in a variety of roles in finance, supply chain, and general management.

Toni Erickson, Technologies Supplier Quality Manager

Toni is responsible for the development, implementation and sustainability of the Supplier Quality Management system including standardized supplier approvals/assessments, part approvals, performance and development plans to ensure suppliers meet stakeholder and customer requirements through quality systems and process controls.  Toni works with domestic and international suppliers, multiple manufacturing plants and distribution centers. Toni is a Six Sigma Blackbelt, silver certified in Lean Management Systems, and certified ISO auditor. 

About the Companies

Hearth and Home Technologies

Hearth & Home Technologies is the world’s leading producer and installer of hearth products. Together, the Hearth & Home Technologies family of brands offers a product line unsurpassed in its breadth, including a full array of appliances designed to incorporate the very latest in materials and technology, offered through multiple retail and new construction channels.


Gemtron was established in 1988 to provide low cost, highly-reliable manufacturing, design support and project management. For more than twenty years, Gemtron has provided support to successful businesses across Asia. Managing every aspect of manufacturing and design for full project management of turn-key projects in the electronics, metal enclosures, optical devices and plastic injection molding industries. Gemtron also provides engineering expertise for products used in rapidly developing technologies such as solar and innovations in medical applications.

3 Steps To Optimizing Supply Chain with
Elementum, HHT and Gemtron

1. Quality Tracking

2. Collaborative Problem Solving

3. Automated Workflows

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Proactively Manage Customer Order Issues

Gather immediate data on every customer delivery at every stage. Use photographs to document the state of orders and respond proactively if a shipment was damaged or units delayed, even before the customer can send a complaint.

Clear Accountability Across the Organization

Stop inefficiencies and loss of productivity when multiple parties like customer service, logistics, supply chain and sales, all try to work on the same problem. With all customer order issues in one place, it’s clear who is on point to drive speedy resolution.

Reduce Chargebacks and Penalties

Instead of wasting time trying to track down where a shipment went wrong weeks later by relying on people’s memories-- all involved parties, from production to delivery, work together seamlessly to meet customer needs and eliminate unexpected penalties.