The New Standard in Business Process Automation

Data. Driven. Workflows.

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Unlike Pega, Elementum is built to help organizations immediately maximize the value of their data. Simply connect to your data lake and start building automations for any business process in a matter of hours – not months. 

Spend less, achieve more, and do it faster with Elementum. 

Your Data, Your Control. 

  • Boost efficiency: Elementum saves 25+ hours per week per employee through automation.
  • Minimize errors: Elementum reduces errors by 33%, enhancing accuracy.
  • Instant Deployment: Elementum runs natively in your CDL, enhancing governance and control without compromising speed or safety.

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Proactively Manage Productivity

Use data to automatically initiate and fully automate end-to-end processes, saving precious time and resources. Don't get left behind with Pega's complicated, slow-to-implement solutions.

Fast-Track Your Business Processes

Unleash the power of fully no-code solutions that can be administered by business users without technical support – a benefit Pega's "low-code" platform can't match.

Take Advantage of Your Cloud

Elementum's cloud-native architecture offers a streamlined, direct connection with your data, avoiding Pega’s complex center-out approach that uses time-consuming and less secure API calls.

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