Make Your Life Easier & Your Customers Happier With Elementum's Exception Management Platform

See why more companies are turning to Elementum to eliminate 75% of recurring issues.

Save time and money with the only platform designed specifically to streamline supply chain operations. With Elementum, you can:

  • Simplify internal processes
  • Eliminate Firefighting
  • Identify chronic issues
  • Enable data-based decisions
  • Implement corrective actions


Upgrade your processes from email and excel to the only cloud platform that offers:

  • A single source of truth for all your supply chain exceptions
  • Built-in reminders and SLAs
  • Secure, confidential collaboration (internal & external)
  • Real-time analytics and dashboards


Four Keys to Resolving Incidents 10x Faster:

Make it easy for teams to capture supply chain incidents

Centralize incidents to facilitate weekly review

Analyze trends & assess priorities

Collaborate across teams to quickly resolve

“When it comes to supply chain, it’s all about how quickly a company can take action. With Elementum's real-time insights, our supply chain will be able to react immediately, instead of waiting weeks or months after a problem arises.”

Cheryl Capps, VP of Global Supply Chain, Corning

Manage Supply Chain Disruptions Faster & Effortlessly

Unified Incident Management

Leverage a single workspace where teams can create incidents, understand context, and track progress

Manage Across Teams

Work with internal teams and external partners to quickly drive incident resolution

Incident Routing

Assign incidents to other people in your team or organization

Impacted Supply Chain Elements

Integrate master data on products and locations to streamline incident management

Collaboration with Partners

Securely include suppliers, carriers, and other partners in your exception management process

Extensive Configurability

Tailor incident types and assignment groups to the unique processes of your supply chain

Real Time Analytics

Manage weekly triage meetings and find opportunities for continuous improvement

Enterprise Grade Security

Enforce authorization controls every time data is accessed by anyone

Mobile Accessibility

Take your supply chain on the go with user experiences that scale to any device

See How to Proactively Manage Supply Chain Exceptions

Helping supply chain teams manage unplanned exceptions at...

What Our Users Say

Elementum: Claims Relief
The available features exceed our needs. Elementum provides a story of what happened so I can quickly reference what happened and what is needed next.
Jessica M.
McGee & Co
Tracking the Cases
We can keep track of the latest information of the open cases and also capture the data of the closed cases for more analysis.
Kannan D.
Finally a Tool that makes
I am leading the implementation of the Incident Management System in my organization. The module of Elementum is perfect for collaborating with internal & external parties impacted by a disruption in their business! It really does take away the need for multiple e-mails and allows communications to reside in one location and become measurable!
Tracey T.
Johnson & Johnson
Elementum review by Janice H.
This system is allowing us to view all claims and issues that our company has. We will be able to review incidents that are happening daily and create a game plan to fix these issues and come up with a corrective action to prevent future issues.
Janice H.
Ken's Foods

4-ways To Solve Disruptions Faster


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Core Capabilities

Supply Chain Incident Management

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Mobile App (iOS & Android)

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Incident Notifications

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Incident Analytics & Performance Management

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Value-at-Risk Tracking

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Incident Type Tracking

tick tick tick tick

Configurable Incident Types

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Root Cause & Resolution Code Management

dash dash tick tick

Configurable Assignment Groups

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Distribution List Management

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Advanced Incident Capabilities

Email Incident Creation

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Product and Site Impact Management

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Related Incident Analytics

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Advanced Dashboards

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User Management

Full User Limit


Up to 500

Up to 5,000


Internal Incident Collaborators


Up to 500

Up to 5,000


External Collaborators (3PL, Supplier, Contract Mfg.)

- - -


Single-Sign-On (SSO) / SAML

- - - -
Integration & Customization

Master Data Loading by File Upload

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Master Data Loading by Feed

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REST API for Incident Creation

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Services & Security

Customer Success Advisor

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Uptime SLA





Enterprise Level Support

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Elementum Supply Chain Service Management Suite

How Supply Chain Gets Done

Delivery issues commonly get lost in the shuffle between the warehouse, 3PLs, supply planners, traffic/logistics teams and customer service. Elementum helps you proactively manage OTIF impact, so you can get ahead of potential problems before the customer ever knows. Take supply chain agility to the next level with incident management built for collaboration and task management that drives accountability.

Incident Management

Value at Risk Tracking Root Cause Analytics Collaborate with Suppliers, 3PL Impacted Products, Sites

Task Management

Due Dates & Notifications Task Reminders Assign to Supplier, 3PL Correlated to Incidents