Set up a Virtual “War Room” with Elementum Essentials

We invite any and all supply chain organizations to use Elementum Essentials to run your virtual “war rooms” as you triage the countless supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a time when supply chain teams are forced to work from home, Elementum would like to lend a helping hand that ensures every disruption is managed faster and with clear accountability. It has always been our mission to be a strong, socially responsible supply chain partner. Our customer success team stands ready to get any organization out of the chaos of emails, conference calls and spreadsheets within 24 hours, without needing IT.


"Starbucks is finding it effective to centrally manage operational incidents through Elementum. I know who on my team is accountable for managing them; and I know exactly what to tell customers and stakeholders. This is especially helpful as partners are working remotely."

Kelly Bengston
SVP of Global Sourcing & Chief Procurement Officer Starbucks Coffee Company

We know your supply chain teams are working around the clock to rectify issues caused by COVID-19. These examples probably sound all too familiar:

Indirect Material Shortage

“We ran out of cleaning products at the Atlanta location. Can’t get more for a week. Can we stay open for pickup if we can’t wipe down surfaces?”

Logistics Delay

“We have 20 crates of packing material stuck at the port in Singapore. How long before we can find a shipper to get it out?”

Demand Spikes

“Our Sacramento DC shut down because of ‘shelter in place’. Where else can we move inventory from to fill the rush order for our largest customer?”

Here’s what Elementum can do to connect your teams, logistics partners and suppliers to manage COVID-19 related disruptions and resolve them faster, all while working from home.

Elementum has been helping the Fortune 1000 manage supply chain exceptions for years. Let us help you too.