Cloud-Native Data Governance Solutions for Snowflake

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Get the most ROI from your Snowflake data with governance solutions designed specifically for the Data Cloud

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With best-in-class storage and compute, there’s no wonder that enterprises are rushing to move all of their data to the Data Cloud.

However, with more data going to the Data Cloud, the complexity to manage that data is growing rapidly. Data Teams are finding themselves asking critical questions, such as:

  • How much data is being used?
  • What’s the data being used for?
  • Which systems are feeding in data?
  • Who’s accessing the data? and why?

And it’s not just the questions. It’s also the burden to manage all the requests – efficiently and securely – that comes along with all the data.

This is why proper Data Governance has become so important. But, even Data Governance can be difficult or burdensome without the right tools. Fortunately, Elementum has built applications for Data Governance that are cloud-native and specifically for Snowflake.

To learn how Elementum’s Data Governance solutions can help your organization, download the Data Sheet.

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