a tale of 3 supply chains:

How 3 Fortune 500 Companies Saved Millions by Fixing Their Logistics Problems

Discover how these companies stopped firefighting and took a fresh look at their supply chain and logistics processes. This report focuses on their improvements, digs into the financial benefits, and takes you through the cost savings calculations for each scenario.


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A Tale of 3 Supply Chains, to see how they:

Preserved Revenue

How a $20B+ Food & Beverage giant prevented stockouts and preserved annual revenue of


Freed Cash

How a $20B+ Healthcare company reduced end-to-end lead time, freeing up cash of


Saved Cost

How a $10B+ Advanced Materials giant managed an external disaster, saving costs of


There’s managing complexity, and then there’s harnessing complexity. Elementum enables us to navigate supply chain interdependencies, anticipate opportunities, and unlock operational efficiencies.

— Jim Rowan
Former Chief Executive Officer