2019 Supply Chain Industry S&OE Benchmark Report

Did you know only 40% of service levels live up to S&OP projections?
Most Fortune 1000 companies today are not following a structured S&OE process.

Download the 2019 Benchmark Report to learn about the state of S&OE today.


Download the S&OE Benchmark Report to learn:

S&OP vs. S&OE benchmarks

Evaluate how your current S&OP and S&OE practices compare to your industry peers.

Cost of neglecting S&OE

S&OE immaturity prevents supply chain excellence-- quantify the impact with industry stats.

S&OE best practice: a weekly drumbeat

Learn why a regular operating cadence gives teams leverage to unlock hidden potential

"I am extremely proud of the steps Corning has taken over the past few years to optimize supply chain. And with Elementum, built by some of the brightest minds in the industry, we have the levers to be truly agile."

Cheryl Capps
VP of Global Supply Chain, Corning

The Virtual "War Room" Playbook for Supply Chains

Struggling to respond to stockouts, production delays and supplier issues? Read this step-by-step guide to help you get a leg up on the disruptions.