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Eliminate Blind Spots to Optimize On Time, in Full Delivery

Siloed data obstructs your view into supply chain interdependencies, turning every little problem into an expensive fire drill. Elementum maps these interdependencies to discover gaps early, preventing customer fires and maintaining high OTIF performance.



Keep Things Moving

You can only move as fast as your slowest wheel
Elementum gives you a holistic view of your entire network. Get real-time visibility into every lane, route, and shipment – all within the context of dynamically recalculated ETAs so you can reliably deliver on your service level agreements. You are alerted to shipment progress and can collaborate with partners to resolve delays before they hurt your OTIF.

With real-time insights, our supply chain will be able to react immediately, instead of waiting weeks or months after a problem arises.
Cheryl Capps
Vice President Global Supply Management, Corning

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Product Features

Track and trace shipments in one place
  • Consolidated view of shipment data: location, milestones, status
  • Search for specific shipments by orders, shipment IDs, and products
  • Customize alerts and filters by region, destination, origin, or carrier to highlight and manage distressed shipments
  • Track invalid shipments to increase accuracy

Reduce planned logistics lead time
  • Identify your most variable lanes to improve consistency
  • Safely remove excess buffer from planned lead times
  • Reduce your worst OTD
  • Drive carrier accountability through sharable reports

Improve collaboration with a shared view of shipments
  • Share relevant shipment details with authorized partners
  • Resolve late pick ups, expedites, and customs issues
  • Reduce time-consuming meetings and calls
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