Empower the Right Experts to Act Faster

Healthcare companies have some of the smartest supply chain experts in the world. Yet they are still wasting hours every day just chasing information. Wouldn’t you like to equip your teams with the data and proactive alerts they need to avoid roadblocks and make your life sciences supply chain more agile?



"Elementum helped our teams spot wasted time and potential disruptions. We’ve leveraged the lower buffering and faster lead times into cash back into our business."

General Manager
Fortune 100 Health & Pharma Company

What’s the Health of Your Supply Chain?

Spot problems early and drive around roadblocks
Any disruption can destroy product. Elementum starts by monitoring your suppliers across news and social media, material movements into plants, product across multi-step life sciences manufacturing and out through complex distribution changes. Supplier external event—we’ll send you an alert. Production stage missed target—we’ll send you an alert. Quality quarantines your material—you’ll get an alert. Product sitting in customs—that’s an alert too. And with cross-enterprise collaboration you turn these warnings into immediate action. This unique combination of warning and action drives fundamentally healthy supply chains.

Download Your Guide to Managing Product Shortages
If your forecasts are off only 30% of the time, why do your teams spend 80% of their time fire-fighting exceptions? Find out how to bring sanity to your product shortage management process.


Product Features

Return free cash for R&D investment
  • Reduce variability to lower buffer inventory days and lead times
  • Enable inventory shortage alerts before it becomes a crisis
  • Collaborate across suppliers, planners, logistics, and distribution partners

Manage supplier quality and product recall issues
  • Supplier monitoring, impact assessments, and disruption alerting
  • Material and shipment track and trace on materials and products
  • Incident management to quickly communicate and resolve quality problems

Manage distributed multi-step manufacturing
  • Single manufacturing status view across global internal and external plants
  • View process status by stage and expected completion
  • Views by orders, products, and sites

Avoid expired product and waste
  • Inventory aging and status from internal and external stock points
  • Reduce supply chain variability that causes E&O
  • Disruption alerting on holds and missed milestones

Self-service order and shipment tracking
  • Search and track on orders, shipment IDs, products, etc.
  • Order visibility from production to distribution
  • Disruption and late alerting to spot distressed orders

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