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Act as One, Strength of Many

A complex web of specialized external partners, combined with widely distributed internal teams, building mission critical products makes industrial manufacturing uniquely complex. Act like a virtual vertically integrated supply chain with Elementum by connecting teams and partners into a coherent end-to-end unit from raw material supplier to customer order.



Supply Chain as Unified Multi-Entity Network

Unified status and alerting, raw material to customer
Any hiccup in a supply chain as complex as industrial manufacturing can throw off carefully scheduled activities. With Elementum, we monitor flows from raw materials, through production out to customers and alert you when there are disruptions and deviations to plan.

Everything for us is about speed. Even the smallest disruption throws off schedules and eats into margins. Elementum lets us see around corners and navigate around obstacles in sync with our partners.
Chief Supply Chain Officer
Global Industrial Manufacturer

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Product Features

With Elementum, data is just part of the solution. We empower people by enabling cross-enterprise shared views, team collaboration, and personalized alerting so teams stay on the same page, from suppliers through to distribution.

Create a virtual vertically integrated supply chain
  • Gain visibility and collaborate with contract manufacturers
  • Monitor suppliers in real-time and collaborate on incidents
  • Incorporate VMI and third party inventory monitoring and alerting

Ensure material availability
  • Monitoring and alerting on material orders and shipments
  • Inventory visibility to material inventory and VMI locations
  • Global supplier monitoring and supplier incident cross-collaboration

Self-service order and shipment tracking
  • Search and track on orders, shipment IDs, products, etc.
  • Order visibility from production to distribution
  • Disruption and late alerting to spot distressed orders

Manage distributed multi-step manufacturing
  • Single manufacturing status view across global internal and external plants
  • View process status by stage and expected completion
  • Views by orders, products, and sites

Lower lead times and increase consistency
  • Right-size logistics lead times with performance analytics
  • Alert on incidents that cause availability and timeliness
  • Accelerate incident reactions and learnings for improvement

Avoid excess inventory and obsolescence
  • Inventory aging and status from internal and external stock points
  • Reduce supply chain variability that causes E&O
  • Disruption alerting on holds and missed milestones

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