Solve Supply Chain Problems Faster

Save hours a day with a prioritized list of what teams should work on and a structured process to manage resolution.


Today, your teams spend half their day fishing for and sifting through information across different systems and partners, and the other half in desperate attempts to mitigate supply chain disaster. They’re working tirelessly but these heroics are costing you millions.

Elementum provides teams with a prioritized list of issues that need attention so they can get straight to solving problems in a centralized workspace with the relevant context at their fingertips.



  • IncidentManagement_IncidentList

    Incident List

    Monitor the current situation of incidents in your supply chain. Filter by severity, assignee, and incident type to triage problems. Follow incidents that pertain to you and get notifications for any updates.

  • IncidentManagement_IncidentDetails

    Incident Details

    Get an overview of incident status and the relevant context to help drive the supply chain incident to resolution. Teams can manage key operational stats (such as status, severity, assigned to, and revenue to protect), review relevant contextual data (e.g. promised shipment delivery date, inventory levels at specific sites, etc.), and stay on top of the latest activity and updates.

  • IncidentManagement_Groups

    Assignment Groups

    Submit incidents to a group without having to know upfront which specific individual will be tasked with resolving it. The group or manager can later decide the most efficient assignment of incidents within the group. Establishing incident assignment groups also facilitates enhanced trend analysis within the Incident Analytics Dashboard. You are able to view key metrics, such as incident creation by assignment group, for conducting analysis for specific functions within your supply chain organization.

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