Deliver a Fresh Product Mix—Everytime, Everywhere

Consumers today are pressing food and beverage brands to deliver greater variety of product choices, and rewarding multi-channel brands that let them buy wherever and never disappoint. Helping enterprises do just that is table stakes for Elementum.



"With Elementum, we can securely share and collaborate on inventory and shipment data with our partners and customers to ensure consumers can always enjoy the highest-quality food."

Mark Richardson
Senior VP of Global Supply Chain, OSI Group

Agility is a Requirement, Not an Option

From obstacle to competitive advantage
Supply chain operations have traditionally been a limiting factor to the speed and flexibility in the food and beverage industry. A diverse set of suppliers from packaging to perishables, overlaid with safety liability and regulations can make it tough to drive change. But Elementum turns this 180° by connecting the flow of your goods and the people involved to drive faster execution and more flexibility overall.

The Elementum Orchestration Platform gives you unparalleled flexibility to support changing product mixes and omnichannel distribution. It also helps you reduce variability and disruptions that lead to stockouts, plus reduce the waste of products with sensitive shelf-life. Now you can respond faster than ever to adjust for food and beverage supply chain hiccups or spikes in demand.

Download Your Guide to Managing Product Shortages
If your forecasts are off only 30% of the time, why do your teams spend 80% of their time fire-fighting exceptions? Find out how to bring sanity to your product shortage management process.


Product Features

Get product to customer at right time, place, and quantity
  • Alerts on late shipments, missed delivery windows, and low inventory
  • Inventory, shipment, and production views to examine alternatives
  • Collaborate quickly across internal and external teams

Self-service order and shipment tracking
  • Search and track on orders, shipment IDs, products, etc.
  • Order visibility from production to distribution
  • Disruption and late alerting to spot distressed orders

Ensure on shelf availability
  • Alerting on low inventory and potential stockouts
  • Extend visibility to consignment and VMI models
  • Coordinate allocation and product replacements quickly

Lower material, logistics, and distribution disruptions
  • Disruption monitoring on suppliers and logistics movements
  • Material shortage alerting affecting production
  • Collaborate directly with suppliers and carriers in-app

Coordinate multi-channel fulfillment
  • Consolidate inventory visibility across direct, channel, and retail
  • Extend current customer-demand upstream to production
  • Cross-channel inventory and logistics to balance product flows

Quickly detect plan deviations and demand spikes
  • Alerting on actuals exceeding plan and low inventory
  • Utilize alternate inventory and shipment views to ensure continuity
  • Real-time collaboration to instantly pass demand spikes upstream

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