Data Driven Workflows

Transform Snowflake Data Into Dynamic Workflow Automations

Limiting Snowflake data to dashboards and insights is like having a Ferrari stuck in first gear.

Data Driven Workflows unleash your data’s full potential by initiating and executing process automations directly within Snowflake. Data meet Action.


Log in to Snowflake and start building automations in minutes – no code required


Eliminate costly data transfer, implementation and maintenance fees.


Automatically inherit Snowflake’s data governance and compliance measures.

Snowflake-Native Workflows

Elementum views – never moves – data. Simply grant Elementum user access to Snowflake, choose the tables you want to join for your applications, and start building workflows. This strategy dramatically reduces setup time and costs.

Data-Driven Triggers. Data-Driven Actions.

Elementum constantly scans your data within Snowflake, identifying patterns, relationships, thresholds, SLAs, and anomalies to initiate automations.

Select from a range of heuristic or ML-based data models, or construct your own using NLP. Customize the action-triggering rules and analysis frequency to fit your needs.

Elementum speeds up execution with real-time, data-based actions, by automatically assigning and escalating tasks, generating notifications, and initiating approval chains.

Benefit from comprehensive, closed-loop, automation with API-out commands to systems like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce.

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting

"Data Leaders need to move beyond insights and start prioritizing automation. Elementum makes it especially easy with data driven workflows."

- Danielle Crop Former Chief Data Officer, Albertsons & American Express

Your Data. Real ROI.

Data Driven Workflows expedite your data’s time to value, delivering measurable results in mere weeks, not years.


Revenue Protected View case study


Revenue Protected View case study

Featured Information

Snowflake Maturity Model

This guide is a roadmap to answer your questions and for unleashing the full potential within your data to enhance every part of your business, from daily operations to critical decision-making.
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The Workflow Platform for Snowflake

Elementum is the only workflow platform native to Snowflake that uses your data to trigger automations. No data movement, no complex implementation cycles or managed services - just faster, cheaper, and more secure Data Driven Workflows powered by your Data Cloud.
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Transform Static Snowflake Data Into Dynamic Workflow Automations

Your Snowflake Data is more than just storage and dashboards. Activate its full potential with automated, self-initiating workflows - powered directly by your data and executed within Snowflake, without ever moving data outside it.
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Bring Your Workflows to Your Data, Not the Other Way Around.

Witness first hand how Elementum returns value to your data with cloud-native automations for any business process.