Software License Management:

Turn Software License Waste into Savings.

Elementum leverages AI, machine learning, and cloud-native data mining to automatically identify underutilized software consumption and take action on software license exceptions, requests, and renewals.


Log in to Snowflake and start building automations in minutes – no code required


Eliminate costly data transfer, implementation and maintenance fees.


Automatically inherit Snowflake’s data governance and compliance measures.

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting

"By partnering with Snowflake to productionize their internal license optimization app as a Snowflake Native App called License Patrol, Elementum is making it easier for Snowflake customers to gain visibility into SaaS app usage patterns. This will help them optimize license utilization and decrease annual license costs."

- Sunny Bedi, CIO & CDO at Snowflake

Take Control of Your Software Licenses

Reclaim License

Avoid costs by preventing proliferation of unused software licenses. Data is mined to identify reclaimable licenses.

Actions are automated to notify managers, deprovision users, and update CLMs with correct user counts for renewal.

Contract Exception

Detect potential compliance issues that lead to additional costs early. Data mining highlights instances where usage falls outside of the license agreement.

Relevant parties are automatically notified with recommended actions to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

Contract Renewal

Increase ROI of software investments by backing licensing spend decisions with actual data.

Users are alerted of upcoming renewals and provided with information to make informed decisions about which agreements to renew, terminate or renegotiate.

Request Software

Full transparency and accountability of how licenses are assigned and who authorizes the spend.

Actions are automated to notify requesters and fulfillers with real-time updates for improved productivity.

Modern Business Process Optimization for Software License Management

Effortless Deployment, Instant Savings

Deploy Elementum in just a few clicks – without the need for data integrations. Just log into your cloud, select your data tables for contract licenses, employees and SSO logins. Elementum automatically builds the relationships, and you start saving.

Intelligent Data Mining, Continuous Optimization

Elementum dynamically mines your cloud data, streamlining user deprovisioning and optimizing renewal strategies through automated workflows. Set your operating frequency, and Elementum’s Data Driven Workflows handle the rest.

No Code, Easy Administration

​​Elementum makes license management efficient with easy-to-implement, highly customizable drag-and-drop configurations. Choose from 50+ pre-built processes or craft your custom workflow with Natural Language Processing (NLP) within minutes.

Reclaim Your Software Budget

Unused licenses or “shelfware” annually costs organizations $65 million. Learn how Elementum can help you take charge of your software investments.