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Leverage the synergies of having your teams manage both processes and projects all in the same user-friendly project management software (PMS).

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Why manage your projects, tasks, and processes in two different places? Eliminate the frustration of context switching, inconsistent project planning, and data silos by seamlessly linking your projects and processes on the same work management platform. Finally, you can have your project teams and partners all working in real-time in the same place when using a project management tool. 

Whether you’re managing NPIs, user tasks, vendor assessments, or customer reviews, Elementum offers you a single platform to manage the full end-to-end project. Invite team members, partners, or customers without the need of for software integrations, portals, or coding. A great project management tool will do the work for you, making project planning and execution easy.

Every project comes with its own set of analytics. You can track user information per year, month, or days. You can easily track performance, identify areas for improvement, and manage corrective actions with our project management application. You can check the latest project insights, details, and information, which helps with future project planning and task management. 



Pre-integrated, pre-built applications for 55+ business processes. Simply click to start.


Set triggers and actions based on real-time data. Replace human middleware with automation.


Only pay for what you use with consumption pricing.



Share, assign, and track performance across your business' teams with real-time visibility and feedback


Share, assign, and track performance across your business teams with real-time visibility and feedback


Take your business on the go with software user experiences that scale to any device

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"Elementum has given us a single source of truth for managing our customer delivery issues. We now have easy and clear visibility to the value-at-risk per order."

- Jessica Mecham, Customer Claims Specialist

Manage Your Project Better With Service Management

Technology and software is an integral part of everyone’s lives nowadays—and that extends into the workplace. Companies and teams are saying goodbye to patchy bureaucracy, piles of paperwork, and siloed systems, and replacing them with project management software that provides more efficient, transparent, and seamless project workflows. Project management features and platforms have drastically transformed the way teams deliver outputs through well-defined, multi-step processes–but this could be even better with service management.

Service management refers to a set of specialized organizational capabilities for providing value to customers in the form of services; that is, by achieving the outcomes expected by customers. Service management seeks to create the best user experience and offers users tips, tools, and resources to improve their relationship with your service or product. Service management is outcome-based, in contrast to project management’s emphasis on team delivery output. They’re two sides of the same coin, with the common aim of adding value to a company as projects and tasks are a way in which services are designed and transitioned into existence.

The best way to run your company and team is with both project management and service management. This is where enterprise service management (ESM) comes in. This new practice combines the two key elements of business management–projects and services–into a single project management platform, allowing you to handle teams, partners, and customers without any integrations, portals, or coding, all while being able to oversee and track projects from end-to-end. Simple project management software starts by integrating all your projects into one platform where team members can complete tasks seamlessly. 

Benefits of Integrating Project Management Software and Project Service Management Through ESM

The advent of ESM brings a slew of project advantages, including a 25% increase in team productivity, a fifteen-point improvement in service levels, a 60% faster response time, and a 55% reduction in recurring paid plans and costs. Here are a few more benefits of the integration of project management and service management through ESM:

Synergetic Value Through Integrated Software

Integrating providers, processes, customers, and metrics into one project planning platform improves workflow efficiency and reduces resource waste. Similar to project management, ESM lets all relevant personnel quickly access project information and identify what tasks need to be addressed, thus hastening flows for problem-solving and task completion. Task management software also lets businesses pinpoint ineffective systems so these can be modified to save time, money, and manpower.

Increased Project Productivity

Automated processes, transparent workflows, and a universal project management system speed up different business functions. Lifting off of the features of project management, ESM allows teams to see, assign, and track what tasks need to be done—which can be marked by priority—ticking them off as projects are completed. With a project management solution, people work faster, transforming your company and team into a well-oiled machine better poised to achieve its goals. Project management software can be used to unify teams and share information and project details seamlessly across the organization.

Better Software Control and Transparency

Through the project management element of ESM, workplace management can better track the workloads, check tasks, and review processes of each team, giving them feedback into what’s working and what needs to be changed. This feedback can lead to new approaches that can be tested and tailored to individual departments and projects to help them reach their targets easier and quicker

All-Around Project Satisfaction

Following the concept of service management, the best ESM applications aim to satisfy both customers and providers. Our project management software, thanks to better workflows and guidelines, offers better service delivery and customer support.

Guaranteed Software ROI

With more efficient teams and happy customers, you’re on your way to seeing your business attract more user leads, generate increased revenue, and scale even more quickly. The return-on-investment (ROI) of ESM is enormous—especially because management software already so cost-effective as it combines both project management and service management in one platform. The value your team will get from management software is sure to exceed the cost of investment and price of the product per user.

ESM Gets You Ahead of the Rest

Early adopters of ESM are the first to benefit from its software advantages. These improvements, ushered in by the integration of project management and service management, propel you ahead of the competition, allowing you to stand out in the market and making it trickier for others to try and catch up to your numbers.

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