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Manage Your Projects

all on the same platform.

Leverage the synergies of having your teams manage both processes and projects all in the same user-friendly platform.

Make project management faster and easier

with Enterprise Service Management.

Why manage your projects and processes in two different places? Eliminate the frustration of context switching and data silos by seamlessly linking your projects and processes on the same platform. Finally, you can have your teams and partners all working in real-time in the same place. 

Whether you’re managing NPIs, vendor assessments, or customer reviews, Elementum offers you a single platform to manage the full end-to-end project. Invite team members, partners, or customers without the need of integrations, portals, or coding.

Every project comes with its own set of analytics. You can easily track performance, identify areas for improvement, and manage corrective actions.


Create your project without any integrations or technical administration required


Manage all of your teams and partners on one platform

Budget Friendly

Eliminate all the other portals and one-off solutions, saving time and money



Share, assign, and track performance across your business with real-time visibility


Enforce authorization controls every time data is accessed by anyone


Take your business on the go with user experiences that scale to any device

See how Enterprise Service Management can help your business

"Elementum has given us a single source of truth for managing our customer delivery issues. We now have easy and clear visibility to the value-at-risk per order."

- Jessica Mecham, Customer Claims Specialist

Helping teams accelerate the flow of businesses at…

The Evolution of SaaS and Its Role in Enterprise Service Management

Download the white paper for a full breakdown of strengths and weaknesses by generation, and see how SaaS 3.0 can unlock major value for your business via enterprise service management.