Run all of your processes

on one platform

Simplify and accelerate your business by managing all of your teams and partners on the same service management platform.

We can demonstrate how to take your manual processes and turn them into a functioning workflow.

No more CC’d emails, no more downloading and intepreting spreadsheets. Just fast results you can count on.

Define your

process steps

Add the

relevant fields

Invite relevant participants

Track analytics to

review performance



Pre-integrated, pre-built applications for 55+ business processes. Simply click to start.


Set triggers and actions based on real-time data. Replace human middleware with automation.


Only pay for what you use with consumption pricing.

The only service management platform

designed for multi-party process management.

Whether you manage your processes in spreadsheets and emails or every function has its own tool, Elementum Enterprise Service Management lets you put all of your processes on one platform. Elementum was designed specifically for cross-functional (sales, customer service, finance, HR, operations) and cross-enterprise (vendors, carriers, customers) process management.

With Elementum’s cloud-native architecture, it’s easy to share processes instantaneously without any integrations required. Simply permission new users with the views you want them to have. No integrations required. No coding required.

Every process comes with its own set of analytics. You can easily track performance, identify areas for improvement, and manage corrective actions.


Share, assign, and track performance across your business with real-time visibility


Enforce authorization controls every time data is accessed by anyone


Take your business on the go with user experiences that scale to any device

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"The number one benefit we're getting out of Elementum is accountability-- it is very clear who owns the next step in the resolution of customer issues caused by over, short or damaged orders."

- Cari Talbot, Senior Director of Supply Chain

Enterprise Service Management is Powered by SaaS 3.0

Did you know most service management solutions have been around for decades? See how SaaS has changed and why your business’ Help Desk benefit from SaaS 3.0