Do More With Less,

by automating your operations

For the first time ever, let your data work for you. With dozens of pre-built apps and hundred of pre-built automations, you simply need to point and click to start automating the ongoing, repetitive, error-prone activities that take up 40% or more of your team’s time.

Data + Workflow = Automation

when you’re running cloud-native.

With cloud-native service management, your operations are already pre-integrated to the Data Cloud. That means your data can work for you!

For the first time ever, your workflows can be automatically initiated by your data. Late shipment? Automatically assign a corrective action to the carrier. New employee joining? Automatically assign onboarding responsibilities for HR & IT. New vendor? Automatically create and send the vendor request forms. 

Depending on people to initiate critical processes is reactive, time consuming, and error prone. Finally, you can remove the people middleware. Let your data initiate the workflows as soon as there’s a change. Set the exact criteria, so the process goes smoothly every time.  

Take the next step, and close the loop by writing back to your Data Cloud. End-to-end processes automated and managed with the power of your data.

Use Cases

Data Teams

Route data quality issues to owners for correction.
Identify patterns based on data type and source.
Auto-assign access and connection requests.
Auto escalate.

Supply Chain Management

Assign late shipments to carriers for corrective actions.
Route inventory exceptions to planning/ procurement .
Assign PO exceptions to suppliers


Auto assign help desk requests.
Escalate discrepancies between access logs and user permissions.
Auto escalate reponses outside of SLA


Assign employee onboarding tasks to finance, IT, and HR .
Progress audit tasks for review and approval.
Route high-risk travel requests for approval



Pre-integrated, pre-built applications for 55+ business processes. Simply click to start.


Set triggers and actions based on real-time data. Replace human middleware with automation.


Only pay for what you use with consumption pricing.

Let your data initiate and execute business processes, automatically

More than 1M automations and counting