Automate Your
Data Anywhere

with cloud-native mobile.

Leverage all the benefits of Elementum on your mobile devices. Available for phone and tablet on both iOS and Android devices. Get the full power of your data cloud with automation that extends to wherever you are whenever you are.

Automate your business

with the speed and flexibility of mobile.

In today’s enterprise technology stack, mobile applications aren’t anything new. However, most platforms were built with mobile as an afterthought. And, it shows. Clunky user interfaces, slow processing speeds, and limited capabilities all make for a negative user experience and an ineffective solution.

The whole purpose of mobile is to be able to do anything from anywhere and quickly. At Elementum, we actually design all of our features mobile-first, which means: 

  1. 100% of the capabilities on web are also available on mobile, including automations, approvals, collaboration, analytics, and self-admin.
  2. You get the best possible user experience because if it works on the small screen, then it’ll definitely work on the big screen

Get more from your data and your technology with the power of true mobility.


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No Migrations

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Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

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