Get more ROI from your Data Cloud

with data-as-a-service.

Turn your data into a strategic asset by dynamically relating and assigning your data into automated workflows. Elementum makes it easy by integrating natively to your data cloud.

10x the value of your data

with data-as-a-service.

The most common services on top of data clouds are BI and data science. Both of these services use your data passively, meaning that insights are derived from snapshots of the data, which are then used to create recommendations. On average, your data is only being used 1-2% of the time.

With data as a service, your data replaces manual activities with data-driven activities that continuously automate and progress critical business processes. As a result, your data goes from passive to active 100% of the time, which increases the ROI from your data cloud by 10x. 

With Elementum’s native connection to the cloud, your data is dynamically mapped to make it relatable and useful as a service. Then, Elementum provides the menu of triggers and conditions to replace your manual processes with automated, data-driven processes. 

Take full advantage of your data cloud with data-as-a-service.


Connect Instantly

No Migrations

Native AI/ML

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

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