Go From Reactive
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with dynamic data mapping.

Get full visibility into the upstream and downstream relationships within the data in your data cloud. Turn these relationships into data-initiated actions, and start executing in real-time.

Unlock value within your data

with dynamic relationship mapping.

Within today’s intertwined economy, you always want to always be thinking two steps ahead. What are the multi-tier impacts of any decision or action we take?

Fortunately, your data create the blueprint for seeing two steps – or even 10 steps – ahead. Much of your master and transactional data is related: the shipment is related to the port of entry, the SKU is related to the PO, the computer is related to the vendor. When something happens upstream, your data can be used to identify the impacts downstream, thus savings you days or weeks.

From your data cloud, Elementum’s proprietary data models dynamically map the relationships within your data. As a result, you can see the relationships in real-time, and make decisions based on your multi-tier organization.

You can also pre-set workflows to execute automatically based on upstream events. For example, if the shipment is delayed, identify the orders that are at risk of being late, and reroute inventory from another location.

Use Cases

Data Teams

Recognize spikes or drop-offs in user log-ins
Identify inconsistencies in third-party data sources
Identify gaps in required data fields

Supply Chain Management

Identify build-up in buffer or safety stock
Call-out ASN or CE data not being received
Recognize a spike in sales orders


Recognize a spike in requests by location
Identify missing logging or audit data
Identify spike in security-related incidents


Recognize an increase in maintenance requests
Identify employee or vendor on-boarding taking longer than usual
Identify an increase in legal billable hours



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