Cloud-Native Technology Unlocks Business Value

No integrations required.

60% of all corporate data has moved to the cloud. With recent breakthroughs, compute and storage can now be performed within the same environment. As a result, cloud-native applications can offer better performance, security, and lower cost by providing SaaS directly within the data cloud.

Unlike traditional integrations where data is pulled from
one system to another, cloud-native applications never
move your data. Instantaneously read, write, and configure data so that it can be seamlessly and securely applied
to any dashboard, workflow or analytics (within the organization or externally).

Access supply chain data in real-time with
“views,” not integrations

Bring the code to the data, not the data to the code

Elementum is built natively into Snowflake, inheriting Snowflake’s:

  • Elastic performance engine
  • Universally shared data storage
  • Security controls
  • Data governance framework
  • Application marketplace
  • Third-party data overlays

Data is mobilized in Snowflake and workflows are automated in Elementum

Elementum’s code goes to the data, so the data never leaves the cloud:

  • Business admins select data from Snowflake via drag-and-drop menu
  • No integrations or technical support required
  • Share processes seamlessly within the data cloud across teams and partners (e.g. carriers, suppliers, customers, etc.)
  • New workflows initiated based on real-time data triggers

Access supply chain data in real-time with “views,” not integrations

Data Mining

Dynamic Relationships

Process Automation


Log in to Snowflake and start building automations in minutes – no code required


Eliminate costly data transfer, implementation and maintenance fees.


Automatically inherit Snowflake’s data governance and compliance measures.

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting