Extend the value
of your Data

with direct connect to
your Data Cloud.

Let your data do the work. Use data-initiated workflows to proactively assign actions and follow-ups across teams, partners, and customers. Manage progress and communication in real-time in one place.

Data-Driven Operations

when you’re running cloud-native.

Eliminate the manual, repetitive, error-prone activities that take up 40% or more of your team’s time. With native connection to your data cloud, your data initiates and progresses the work, so your team doesn’t have to. 

It’s easy to get started with Cloud Link. Grant Elementum permission to your Data Cloud (like you would for any new user). Create your credentials, select your data tables, and set your mappings.  Your data will be instantaneously available within Elementum and available in real-time.

Use Cloud Link to automatically initiate workflows, tasks, and approvals. Choose your triggers and conditions, and your data will initiate the correct action to the right people in real-time everytime. 

Say goodbye to emails, phone calls, and meetings. Stop searching for information and sending reminders. Use Cloud Link and let your data work for you.



Pre-integrated, pre-built applications for 55+ business processes. Simply click to start.


Set triggers and actions based on real-time data. Replace human middleware with automation.


Only pay for what you use with consumption pricing.

Let your data initiate and execute business processes, automatically

More than 1M automations and counting