Automate Your Approvals

with direct connect to the
Data Cloud

Remove the human middleware, and start initiating your approvals automatically based on your data and the criteria you set.

Data-Driven Approvals

when you’re running cloud-native.

When your enterprise is natively integrated to the data cloud, you can pre-set your approvals, and let them run automatically.

Does your business still depend on its people to initiate approval requests? Not anymore! Let your data do the work for you. It’s faster, smarter, and cheaper. 

Need to request a laptop for a new employee? Need to request an expedite for a late shipment? Need to request new login credentials to Snowflake? Now, these requests can be initiated automatically based on preset conditions to your data. That means that they happen in real-time, everytime, just the way you want them to.

Create approval flows in minutes with easy drag-and-drop capabilities. Select your triggers from your data. Approve on-the-go with mobile.


Connect Instantly

No Migrations

Native AI/ML

Let Your Data Initiate and Execute Business Processes, Automatically

More than 1M automations and counting