Real-time insights,

natively connected to the cloud

See everything happening in your operations – from trends to exception – in real-time with native connections to your data cloud.

Out-of-the-box analytics

configurable for every process and project.

Track trends in real-time from the company level all the way down to the user level. From time-to-resolve to dollars-at-risk, Elementum’s configurable analytics give you the insights to identify patterns and address root causes. Analytics are intuitive and easily configurable.

Every process, project, and app comes with its own set of analytics. Take advantage of tables and charts that are ready out-of-the-box, or configure them as much as you’d like. No integrations or technical administration required.



Pre-integrated, pre-built applications for 55+ business processes. Simply click to start.


Set triggers and actions based on real-time data. Replace human middleware with automation.


Only pay for what you use with consumption pricing.

Let your data initiate and execute business processes, automatically

More than 1M automations and counting