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Executive Briefs and Guides

How to Establish and Maintain a Supply Chain Center of Excellence

White Papers

5 Mistakes Supply Chain Leaders Keep Making AND, HOW TO FIX THEM

See what happens when your supply chain breaks the cycle and stops making these common mistakes. Learn how by downloading the 5 Mistakes Guide.

The Digital “War Room” Playbook for Supply Chain Management

In this guide, we review how the pandemic has impacted global supply chains, and we give a playbook for setting up a digital war room to address the latest challenges.

5 Ways Supply Chain Leaders can Win, Even in Challenging Environments

If you’re ready to go on offense and capture some wins, then check out our latest guide. See how supply chain leaders are succeeding despite the constant case, and in some cases, by using it to their advantage. 

Best Practices for Change Management in Supply Chain

Stop worrying about change management, and take advantage of the latest technologies. Download the guide for Best Practices in Supply Chain Management, and learn how.

Scaling Operations:
Set the Right Data-Driven Foundation

More investment in planning is pointless until you get a handle on all your unplanned supply chain exceptions.

The Virtual "War Room" Playbook for Supply Chain

In times of crisis individuals have an active defense mechanism, the fight or flight survival instinct. A similar response dichotomy occurs within organizations that are in an active crisis. Do we double down on our current ways of working, or does the crisis encourage and push us to explore new solutions to improve our operations?

Beginner's Guide:
What Is Supply Chain Service Management?

What is supply chain service management, why is it necessary, and how does it work? Includes examples from client success stories, data from the latest research, and a thorough explanation of the power of adopting a supply chain service management platform.

Three Fears Looming Over Supply Chains in 2021

Supply chain and finance leaders need to be prepared to meet three challenges head-on this year. Read more to see what those challenges are and how to address them head on.

The Economic Value of Supply Chain Service Management

See how a Supply Chain Service Management solution can benefit your business, both top line (revenue) and bottom line (reduced indirect and direct costs).

Be a Supply Chain Game Changer: Capitalize on Demand Spikes, Prevent Material Shortages & Capture Millions in Revenue

This Game Changer Playbook uncovers how consumer goods leaders like Ferrero, Barilla, Vitamix, Ken's Foods and more have captured $50M+ in revenue despite wrestling with material shortages.

Be a Supply Chain Game Changer: Resolve Delivery Issues 10x Faster

This Game Changer Playbook explores how food & beverage companies have found ways to reduce costs, streamline operations, and increase customer satisfaction.

Combating Chronic Supply Chain Disruptions

This executive brief explores how 3 organizations adapted to overcome chronic supply chain disruptions and also built greater operational agility into their supply chain.

How SCSM Improves Your Supply Chain

This guide demonstrates the power of SCSM through clear explanations of what it is, how it works, and illustrations of its benefits, including customer testimonials. Learn how SCSM improves your supply chain through this introductory guide that provides an explanation of SCSM, why it’s necessary, and the benefits it will provide your company.

5 Tactics to Jump Start Your S&OE Center of Excellence

More S&OP investment is pointless. Tap into sales & operations execution (S&OE) to extinguish the constant fire-fighting and automate your supply chain.

The Missing Link to Supply Chain Digitization

Could your supply chain digitization project be delivering bigger impact? It could if you've only been focused on S&OP. Uncover S&OE.

The Value of SCSM:
A Day in the Life of a Supply Chain Manager With and Without SCSM

Learn how Supply Chain Service Management (SCSM) improves supply chain operations by eliminating inefficiencies, streamlining disruptions, standardizing workflows, and utilizing data-driven insights to drive continuous improvement. This guide depicts a day in the life of a supply chain manager, with and without SCSM, to clearly illustrate its value and benefits.

Case Studies

Protect Revenue and Save Time Doing It

In this case study, Vitamix describes how it protected $50M of revenue by creating a single source of truth, breaking down organizational silos, and utilizing data to implement corrective actions.

Blue Diamond:
How Blue Diamond applied CAPA to supply chain and protected $250k of revenue in under 3 months with its first CAPA

Leverage CAPA for supply chain to save time and money. See how Blue Diamond Growers used Elementum to facilitate a transformational corrective actions program that paid for itself in less than three months.

Increased accountability helped GCC protect $300M in revenue

In this case study, GCC explains how they resolved 74% of their potential incidents before they impacted the customer and protected $300M in revenue.

Ken’s Foods:
Reducing chargebacks while outperforming customer expectations

In this case study, Ken’s Foods describes how it improvement in average response time 8-10x.

McGee & Co:
Reducing the cost of delivery issues while increasing efficiency 10x

In this case study, McGee & Co describes how it improvement in average response time 10x.

Elementum VS

Elementum vs Jira

See how Elementum and JIRA compare for managing your supply chain.

Elementum vs Zendesk

See how Elementum and Zendesk compare for managing your supply chain.

Elementum vs Salesforce

See how Elementum and Salesforce compare for managing your supply chain.

Reports + Guides

A Practical Guide to Automating Your Supply Chain

Supply chain teams spend the majority of their time fire-fighting exceptions manually. Begin your supply chain automation journey with this handy guide.

Benchmark Report:
Today’s State of S&OE

We partnered with Supply and Demand Chain Executive to conduct a benchmark report to understand the state of S&OE in today’s biggest companies.

An Operator’s Guide for Maintaining Service Levels with Service Management

Take advantage of Service Management in order to boost productivity, maintain service levels, and eliminate surprises. Download the guide to learn more.

Elementum Essentials:
Turn Exceptions into an Advantage

Centralize management of unplanned supply chain exceptions, speed resolution, and give everyone on your team 3-4 hours back each day.

ROI Report:
A Tale of 3 Supply Chains

Discover how 3 Fortune 500 companies stopped firefighting and took a fresh look at their supply chain & logistics process.

Elementum Pro:
Incident Management Tailored for You

Take your supply chain agility to the next level with S&OE insights unique to your products, sites, and partners.

Supply Chain Digitization Best Practices

Discover how 3 Fortune 500 companies stopped firefighting and took a fresh look at their supply chain & logistics process.

Executive Brief:
The S&OP vs. S&OE Paradigm Shift

Don't get stuck in the past when there's a paradigm shift happening in supply chain. Get this guide to understand why S&OE is that paradigm shift.