Accelerate Past Surprises and Leave Competitors in the Dust

Speed— it’s what drives revenue and preserves margin in an incredibly complex consumer industry. With Elementum, break past the limitations of traditional technologies by bringing data together from outside and inside your four walls, so your teams can coordinate across enterprise boundaries.



"There is no standing still in our world. Elementum is a key competitive edge that helps us get an unfair share of the market."

Chief Operating Officer
Leading Consumer Products Company

Moving Supply Chain to the Front Office

Use end-to-end execution to enable new business models
Supply chains have traditionally been a burden to the front office business, with legacy technologies limiting the flexibility of the business. With Elementum, we change the model by creating a virtual vertically integrated supply chain. You connect to your partners faster, you exchange information faster, and your teams have the latest in consumer-like collaboration tools to drive action.

Elementum gives you end-to-end visibility tightly coupled with cross-enterprise orchestration that enables faster cycle times, increased NPIs, and more agile omni-channel experimentation.

Download Your Guide to Managing Product Shortages
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Product Features

Quickly detect plan deviations and demand spikes
  • Alerting on actuals exceeding plan and low inventory
  • Utilize alternate inventory and shipment views to ensure continuity
  • Real-time collaboration to instantly pass demand spikes upstream

Create a virtual vertically integrated supply chain
  • Gain visibility and collaborate with contract manufacturers
  • Monitor suppliers in real-time and collaborate on incidents
  • Incorporate VMI and third party inventory monitoring and alerting

Ensure on shelf availability
  • Alerting on low inventory and potential stockouts
  • Extend visibility to consignment and VMI models
  • Coordinate allocation and product replacements quickly

Lower material, logistics, and distribution disruptions
  • Disruption monitoring on suppliers and logistics movements
  • Material shortage alerting affecting production
  • Collaborate directly with suppliers and carriers in-app

Coordinate multi-channel fulfillment
  • Consolidate inventory visibility across direct, channel, and retail
  • Extend current customer-demand upstream to production
  • Cross-channel inventory and logistics to balance product flows

Lower lead times and increase consistency
  • Right-size logistics lead times with performance analytics
  • Alert on incidents that cause availability and timeliness
  • Accelerate incident reactions and learnings for improvement

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