Don’t Let Communication Barriers Slow You Down

Get your internal teams and extended partner network
on the same page and keep them there.


Organizational barriers to information are everywhere, internally and across partner networks.

Customer service teams are constantly hounding logistics teams for the latest order updates.

Sourcing managers and suppliers are wrestling over incomplete material deliveries. 

Elementum helps companies stop chasing tales and start tapping into
their multi-enterprise ecosystem to move faster.



  • Collaboration_AssignOwners

    Assign & Follow

    Assign owners and add followers so the necessary parties are all driving and monitoring progress. Followers receive configurable notifications to stay in the loop.

  • Collaboration_TrackProgress

    Track Progress

    Instead of stitching together email chains, disjointed texts, and piles of spreadsheets, leverage a joined workspace for relevant context  and steps toward incident resolution.

  • Collaboration_PullIn

    Pull in Suppliers and Carriers

    Tag partners such as suppliers and carriers to help align all parties on the necessary actions. Partners can also open an incident themselves and the necessary users will be alerted. 

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