What Scenarios Can Elementum’s Project Management Software Help With?

Elementum is unique in that it is a combination of two of the four main types of project management software. It combines the best of both worlds by offering on-premise and cloud solutions that work together to manage every aspect of the supply chain. This program helps maintain order by ensuring there’s no surplus or shortages.

In particular, the cloud solution offered by Elementum enables organizations of all sizes to access important information on the go with the click of a button. State-of-the-art technology allows users to view the status of items in transit and prioritize timely completion of projects.

The primary focus of Elementum is identifying and mitigating exceptions using powerful project management tools. Moreover, the program’s onboarding portal helps add, manipulate, and store customer information.

What Scenarios Can Elementum’s Project Management Software Help With?

Here are a few scenarios Elementum’s project management can help with:

  • • Projects that intersect with ongoing processes, for example, new product introductions (NPIs), new vendor selection, lean or kaizen initiatives
  • • Projects that include a handful of parties across a period of weeks or months
  • • Projects that require collaboration with partners, such as suppliers, vendors, or customers
  • • Projects that are likely to have exceptions that need tracking

However, Elementum project management platform is unsuitable for highly complex, one-off projects that include hundreds of people or thousands of steps, such as new-building construction. Check out this recent post if you’re interested in what project management software big companies use.


What Are the Benefits of Using Elementum’s Project Management?

Some of the reasons to use Elementum project management include:

  • The intuitive dashboard allows users to view and archive incident histories, which enables the streamlining of processes when undertaking similar projects in the future.
  • The software ensures projects are completed on time by prioritizing the most urgent projects, allowing the project manager to decide how to assign the tasks.
  • It improves collaboration by making it easy to share files and add comments.


What Are the Key Features Of Elementum?

The type and number of project management tools differ based on the scope of a project. The most common ones are:


Incident Management

You can store problems in order of priority in Elementum’s inbox and resolve them one at a time, saving time by eliminating the need to search for issues manually.


Automatic Alerts

You can ensure you’re always prepared for anything that may affect the timely completion of projects. Alerts go out when an order has been delayed, which provides time to mitigate the problem.


Orchestration Platform

The presence of several workspaces improves collaboration within the organization.  Users can also access different tools they need to execute their tasks.


Analytics and Reporting Tools

Access to real-time data allows users to make decisions on the go. Users can also use data for comparison in the future.  


Security and Compliance

Data is one of the most critical resources in the organization. Loss of important data can lead to damaging outcomes. Elementum project management helps users specify with whom and how they want to share the data, fostering security and accountability.



Elementum is one of the most effective project management software used to ensure projects are successful. It offers a wide variety of project management tools that help lead projects to successful completion.

David Blonski

David Blonski

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