What Does Project Management Software Do?

Every project manager understands that the success of any project begins with proper planning and management. Therefore, as you embark on a new project in your organization, you need to consider the need to have reliable project management software.

What Is Project Management Software?

Project management software (PMS) is a system designed to help project managers to plan, organize, and track projects to ensure all tasks are performed effectively and completed on time. No matter the size of your project, it will involve stakeholders, goals, resources, tools, and management processes. Therefore, you need a reliable system to help manage these details.

A good PM system should include technology, resources, and methodology for handling the specific needs of your project. Thankfully, today’s project management systems have become incredibly sophisticated. With a reliable PM system like Elementum, you can easily manage complex projects with minimal glitches. But what are the most common uses of project management software?

Main Functions of Project Management Software

Whether you are looking for the best project management for supply chain management or a system that will help you perform specific management tasks, there are several important functions you should look for: 


Project Overview

A PM system helps you to put all the pieces of your project together so that everything goes smoothly from start to finish. If your project involves team members and stakeholders from different departments, you’ll need a system that will have everyone on the same page. That way, it’ll be easy for you to manage the various teams and resources so that every task is completed within its deadline.


Managing Tasks

Your project management solution will help you to allocate tasks and resources to respective members of your team. It will also allow you to set deadlines and track the progress of each task. Some PM solutions also allow you to manage deadlines and deliverables to keep your team members on track.



With an advanced PM system like Elementum, you can generate reports and display every task’s status for every stakeholder and team member. Because you can track the progress of all tasks on the dashboard, you can easily observe how a project is advancing and identify tasks that need to be prioritized. Your PM software should also give you an instantaneous view of every member’s functionality.  


Tracking Time

Project management software comes with an automatic time tracking feature that enables you to track time for each task. For instance, you can log the hours worked by each team member on each task. This data forms part of your overall report that you’re able to send to your team members, clients, and other stakeholders.


Project management software helps you to avoid common hitches when executing your projects by allowing you to carefully plan each task and resource. It makes collaboration between you and your team members more effective, thus guaranteeing you faster and more efficient completion of your projects.

David Blonski

David Blonski

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