What Are Digital Transformation Companies?

Businesses have long been on the forefront of implementing digital innovations and it has helped them “transform” their stature and paved the way for huge successes. Million-dollar companies are closing in on the billion mark, and billion-dollar giants have already reached trillion dollar market caps.

But, how did it happen so fast?

The answer is digital transformation companies, which are at the leading edge of this huge business and technological revolution. Who are these companies? What do they do, and how do they help others?

These are the questions we will answer in this post. But first, let’s define what digital transformation is.

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of using digital technology to create new, or modify existing, business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

This reimagining of business in the digital age is enabled by a range of new technologies, such as enterprise service management tools that help organizations become more agile and intimate with their customers. Digital transformation can help:

  • • Speed up operations by automating previously manual processes
  • • Save excess money otherwise spent on outdated technologies
  • • Improve workforce performance through convenient digital tools
  • • Upgrade security practices for sensitive online data

What Are Digital Transformation Companies?

Also known as Digital Transformation Consultants (DTCs), digital transformation companies help organizations of varying sizes across different industries to transform their business operations to become more automated and computerized.

DTCs employ experienced business and technology experts who work together to create and implement advanced digital strategies for their clients. Well known DTCs include Red Hat, Atos, and Bain – each of who offers their own unique take on how to go about helping their clients embrace digital transformation.

How Do Digital Transformation Companies Help Their Clients?

Strategy-makers from DTCs work closely with the most senior executives of their client-firms to discuss goals and expectations. These executives usually include the CEO, COO, CTO, along with personnel from the marketing, customer service, and finance departments.

Besides listening to their clients’ requirements, DTCs help these firms understand what digital transformation means for their business and what it will take to achieve their desired outcomes. After understanding their clients’ goals, they help departmental heads understand how they can leverage technology to innovate their domains.

Hiring a digital transformation company could help your company in:

  • • Accessing tried-and-tested strategies and related industry knowledge
  • • Having an expert on hand to walk you through each step
  • • Ensuring a fast and effective digital transformation
  • • Getting insights into the company’s strong and weak areas from an external perspective
  • • Leveraging your DTC relationships with essential service providers like CRM, cloud computing, BRM, etc.

Can Businesses Undergo Digital Transformation By Themselves?

Yes, organizations can digitally transform their business provided their workforce starts learning and using the right tools. However, you must ask your team the following questions to see if they’re fit for an internal digital transformation:

  • What are the ESM tools they’ve worked with before, if any?
  • Are they familiar with CRM tools, project management tools, and other digital tools for payroll, accounting, and HR?
  • Do they have experience with strategic planning for a digital transformation journey? 

If the answer to these questions is no, it might be a better idea to hire a digital transformation company.

Can Businesses Undergo Digital Transformation By Themselves?

Here are some criteria that businesses should consider while choosing the right DTC for them:

Examine Their Prior Experience
A good DTC should have a good understanding of your industry and its nuances. So it’s a good idea to work with a company with previous experience with clients from your industry.

Read Their Published Content
Checking a DTC’s website and blog is a good way to gauge their work quality and thought leadership. Good DTCs have detailed case studies and eBooks showcasing their work process and industry expertise.

Analyze Their Technical Capabilities And Tools
Educate yourself about the tools and practices involved in a typical digital transformation process, and ask your DTC about the technology they use. A competent digital transformation company will be well-equipped with the latest digital tools, processes, and technologies.

Ask Them How They Add Value
Apart from the tangible benefits of digital transformation, such as reduced business costs and increased efficiency, what intangible values would the DTC bring to the table?

They should be able to show you a detailed roadmap of how they would help you attain your business goals.

Ensure They Are A Good Cultural Fit
Since the DTC will work closely with your core team, you need to assess if they are a good cultural fit for your company. Are their business executives too rigid or rude? Do they value your team’s culture and value their input as to what may or may not be helpful?

Additionally, they will have access to sensitive information, so you also need to ensure you work with an upstanding and professional DTC. This is another reason why you must cross-check references and read client testimonials before choosing a DTC.

Final Thoughts 
Digital transformation is a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. Although you could try to transform your company by yourself, hiring a DTC might be a better approach to digital transformation.

These companies have experienced digital transformation professionals as well as good relationships with digital service providers, which is something you can leverage. 

When hiring a digital transformation company, you should choose one that has prior experience working in your industry. It’s also a good idea to ensure their work ethics and values align with those of your company so the process goes smoothly. By following these steps you’ll put your company on the path to success!

David Blonski

David Blonski

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