TPA Passes in the Senate, Makes Way for Trans Pacific Partnership Fast Track | Elementum

TPA Passes in the Senate, Makes Way for Trans Pacific Partnership Fast Track

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When the TAA failed in the House earlier this month, there was talk of Obama’s big Pacific Rim trade deal falling apart. Now, though, things are looking up for the President. On Tuesday night, a Senate filibuster on fast-track legislation ended, paving the way for the passing of the Trans Pacific Partnership’s fasttrack (TPA) without a necessary passing of the TAA. The Senate passed TPA on Wednesday evening, sending the bill to Obama for approval. Because thirteen Democrats agreed to switch their vote on TPA and end the filibuster, Senate Republicans have pledged to approve TAA. TAA guarantees protection for Americans who lose their jobs as a result of the TPA’s passing, most likely due to offshoring.

Democrats will have no choice but to allow the TAA to pass – they can do nothing about the TPA, and most support the TAA in principle. So in the next few weeks, Obama could be looking at his beloved Trans Pacific Partnership ready to get fast tracked through Congress.

To learn more about how the TPP might affect your industry, check out our guide.

Amy Clark

Amy Clark

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