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Supply Chain Trends


Climate Change and the Supply Chain

As climate change risks grow — rising sea levels, change in precipitation patterns, extreme droughts and heat waves, and intensification of hurricane events — global

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Becoming the Next Auto Hub

Global car makers are facing massive costs to quickly develop new technologies by delving into the production of lower-emission cars and self-driving cars. The competition

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Hurricane Irma: Updates and Impacts

Despite Irma’s downgraded intensity as it moves further inland into the United States, its impact escalated at a steady pace nonetheless. Fortunately, lengthy preparations well

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Atlantic Storm Watch: 3PL Efforts

3PLs are busy planning so that they can realize operational integrity as soon as possible post emergency. Carriers are maintaining flexibility and directing capacity to

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Hurricane Irma Updates

Preparations remain underway for Hurricane Irma’s potentially catastrophic arrival in the continental United States as the strongest hurricane in the Atlantic makes its way through

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