West Coast Port Dispute Over, But Reputation Still At Risk


The West Coast port dispute might be over for now, but it’s left a trail of backed up cargo, and more importantly, distrust in the network of Pacific ports that account for more than half of shipments coming into the United States.

Last Friday,...

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White House Issues Port Dispute Ultimatum

The White House’s top labor official has given the parties involved in the west coast labor dispute an ultimatum: end this fight here, or we’ll end it in Washington.

US Secretary of Labor Tom Perez, who flew into San Francisco earlier this week,...

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New Lunar Year, New Supply Chain Challenges

Today marks the beginning of a holiday celebrated by one sixth of the world: the Lunar New Year. Most widely celebrated in China, this global holiday makes an unprecedented impact on transportation, consumer spending, and manufacturing.


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West Coast Ports Reopen as White House Joins Dispute


West Coast ports reopened today after a five day shutdown, as Labor Secretary Tom Perez meets with representatives in San Francisco to find a long term end to the nine month dispute.

The White House is ramping up its pressure to end the cargo...

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West Coast Ports to Shut Down for Next Four Days

Update 02/13/2014, 2:34 PST: Auto manufacturers Honda and Toyota are adjusting production due to the port strike. Starting Monday, will reduce production at plants. Honda will reduce production at its Ohio, Indiana and Ontario plants while Toyota...

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Different Region, Same Supply Chain Risk: Pirates!

When you hear the word “pirates” in the news these days, you probably think of Somalia. The country’s been facing waves of problems with criminal violence at sea since the second phase of the Somali Civil War in the early 21st century and a...

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Scotland’s “What if?”

A look into the country’s decision and, believe it or not, global impact.


In a parallel universefour months from nowa port director in Edinborough is explaining to the confused captain of a South American shipping vessel why he has to go...

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Exclusive: “No Indication That Bardabunga Will Erupt”


Volcano heats up media, but ashy discharge is limited. Sources say disruptive eruption highly unlikely.

AUGUST 30, 2014: 02:37GMT

The National Meteorological Survey of Iceland re-elevated its aviation warning level to red at 08:00 GMT on...

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