Xiaomi & The Supply Chain Behind the World's Highest Valued Smartphone Startup

Xiaomi Is (Still) The Tech Startup to Watch

On April 6, 2015, the Guinness World Record for the most smartphones sold in 24 hours was broken. Setting the record at 2.1 million units was Xiaomi—the world’s third highest valued startup (following...

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Elementum Whiteboards: Trucker Shortage

First up in our weekly whiteboard series: American manufacturers rely heavily on trucks for shipping freight – but there just aren't enough truckers to meet demand. What are the reasons for the shortage? The news desk explains in this whiteboard...

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Indian Drug Makers Searching For A Lifeline

Source: FDA Voice

More Indian Drug Makers Get A Slap On the Wrist

Earlier this month, major Indian drug manufacturers Cipla and Wockhardt were both pressed to recall large drug lots after receiving FDA warning letters. A statement from Cipla...

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Drought of The Century Threatens To Dry Up Brazilian Economy

Brazil's worst drought in 86 years is threatening the country's already struggling economy. With water rationing already in effect and electricity rationing on the horizon, Brazil's manufacturing sector could be in store for a historic slowdown. 

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3 Reasons Your Supply Chain Should Be Green

Most people don't realize the benefits of going green. Don't be one of those people.

You know those people who say going green will cost you more? Well, if you’re listening to them, they’re hurting your bottom line. Let's change that.

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