The Story of Things: Where's the Beef? | Elementum

The Story of Things: Where’s the Beef?

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With Congress debating Country of Origin Labeling (COOL), we take a look at the supply chain of imported beef—how prevalent is it in the U.S. food supply chain?

Don’t Have a Cow, Man

This week, Congress has been busy arguing over something called Country of Origin Labeling  (or “COOL”).

The law, which Congress is attempting to repeal or modify, requires that imported meat be labeled with its country of origin. Proponents of COOL cite transparency and consumer rights as a reason for its necessity; opponents argue that COOL creates unfair biases against imported meat. 

All this arguing about meat made us hungry for some information: Where does the world get its beef? Check out our latest Story of Things video to learn more:



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Elementum News Desk


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