Supply Chain 2014 Year in Review


As the year comes to a close, it's time to look back at the news and blogs that affected your supply chain. From best practices to manufacturing, and politics to viral outbreak, 2014 has proved that supply chain is a topical issue.


1. UX Meets Supply Chain

The shift in technology from on-premise to cloud is often cited as the key differentiator between old and new. For the supply chain industry, this has been a slow realization—and until recently—avoided at all costs.


2. Tesla: Manufacturing Worth Waiting For

Tesla’s earnings report on Wednesday revealed more than just projections and profits, it shed light on an emerging truth: People don't understand how hard it is to manufacture something. Specifically, something innovative. (read more)


3. Supply Chains Sandwiched Between Trans-Pacific Partnership

Sandwiches—the most unlikely of culprits, have become symbolic of the United States' and Japan’s inability to come to even a preliminary agreement on their bilateral agreements as part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. (read more)


4. Why We Need N-Tier Visibility for Supply Chain

Visibility in the supply chain is a problem. Most companies only have visibility up to their Tier 1 suppliersand getting to this point in itself is hard. Why? Because supply chain data is fragmented across multiple systems, geographies, and business groups. (read more)


5. Ebola Vaccination For Your Supply Chain

Some will say that the mortality rate of Ebola itself represents a very slim threat in terms of economic impact. Fear however, is what will cause the entire continent of Africa to come to a halt. (read more)


See you in 2015!



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