Should Supply Chain Managers Use Project Management Software for IT?

Business project management software is often overlooked in supply chain management in favor of SCM functions, but is there an advantage in combining the two? The best project management software for supply chain professionals is often a solution that integrates with SCM, ensuring the systems benefit each other.

Today, we’ll explore the differences between SCM and project management and discuss the most important factors in choosing a project management software.

Does Project Management Software Support a Stable Supply Chain?

Supply chain disruption is an ongoing challenge, facing issues such as scarcity, transportation, and the changing landscape produced by the pandemic. There are numerous software packages available, but the right option needs to support each aspect of the supply chain:

  • procurement and sourcing
  • asset management
  • logistics and imports
  • supply and demand forecasting

Project management functions can improve supply chain continuity when used as a supplementary tool that doesn’t detract from wider supply chain solutions, and often focuses on one defined activity with an established end date, so it is most suited to limited events such as a new product launch.

How Can Project Management Boost Supply Chain Efficiency?

Whether you have a dedicated project manager handling a task or are operating alongside a wider supply chain, there are several ways to improve outcomes:



As a component of the supply chain, a project management strategy needs to incorporate tools, methods, and tracking processes that coordinate with other systems already in place. Standalone project management functions may duplicate data collation tasks or create excess information with crossovers between the general supply chain and tracked projects.


Establishing Scope

Managing a project can be time-intensive, and it is important to be clear about limitations and resources to avoid scope creep. This exercise is also useful in identifying staffing needs, communication, risks, and constraints to ensure project management software is used to its full potential.


Agile Planning

One of the key applications of project management software is maintaining accurate delivery and shipment schedules. When the supply chain includes time-sensitive orders or a particularly important consignment, managers can deploy project management software to ensure critical deadlines are met.



How will project management software integrate with supply chain management systems? Will an integration facilitate automatic data-sharing and ensure reporting is accurate and comprehensive? The best approach to implementing a project management process within supply chain management is to develop a business case. This evaluation will deliver an awareness of the outcomes and the benefits of running concurrent systems with slightly varied focuses.

Should Supply Chain Managers Use Project Management Software for IT?

IT service management (ITSM) provides a wealth of opportunities for supply chain managers to explore ways to streamline processes, automate tasks, and standardize input and output of data. However, for managers in supply chain positions, the priority should be to consider specific supply chain solutions (SCSM) engineered to meet their requirements. General ITSM has broad business benefits, but without the dedicated oversight and monitoring tools necessary for top-quality supply chain control.

We recommend focusing on service management as a core need, combined with project management tools to support individual tasks and launches.

David Blonski

David Blonski

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