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Prep Your Supply Chain for Super Typhoon Soudelor

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Super Typhoon Soudelor is set to hit Taiwan and China tomorrow, with a huge potential for supply chain disruption. We keep you up to date on the latest stories surrounding the typhoon.

Update 8/10/2015, 06:16 PST: Soudelor Prompts Authorities to Issue Emergency Alert in China

After the China Meteorological Administration lifted its typhoon warning in China, authorities have issued a grade IV emergency alert, the lowest emergency level, on Monday, August 10 in areas in the country which were heavily affected by Typhoon Soudelor. These areas include the provinces of Zhejiang, Fujian, Anhui, and Jiangxi. The storm has killed at least 28 people, left around four million customers without power, and caused an estimated US $1.29B worth of damage.

Update 8/09/2015, 18:03 PST: Tropical Storm Soudelor to Hit South Korea on August 11

Tropical Rainstorm Soudelor, which continues to inundate eastern China, is moving northwestward to hit South Korea on Tuesday, August 11, threatening to bring heavy rains and isolated flash flooding.

Update 8/7/2015, 04:00 PST: Typhoon Soudelor Disrupts Air, Rail Services in Taiwan

Air and land transportation services in Taiwan have been halted since Friday, August 7, as Typhoon Soudelor moves closer to the region. Several airlines including China Airlines, Air Hong Kong, TransAsia Airways, and EVA Airways, among others, reportedly canceled some domestic and international flights. Reports indicate the said typhoon also suspended a number of metro rail lines, killed three, and prompted the evacuation of more than 2,000 people from the country’s outlying islands.

Local authorities have issued warnings for possible floods, landslides, and fallen trees. Shelters have been prepared and 32,000 soldiers are on standby. Typhoon Soudelor, monitored approximately 370 km southeast of Hualien, is forecast to hit the central east coast in the evening local time (GMT+8) of the same day or Saturday early morning local time, August 8.

Update 8/6/15, 22:38 PST: Typhoon Soudelor Forces Suspension of Ferry Services in Southeast Taiwan

Ferry services in southeast Taiwan were suspended from Thursday, August 6, through Sunday, August 9, as Typhoon Soudelor threatens to hit the region. High-speed rail and metro system services could also suffer disruptions on Saturday, August 8. The typhoon will likely make landfall in Hualien and Taitung in eastern Taiwan, with its greatest impact expected to be felt by Friday afternoon local time (GMT+8), August 7, or Saturday evening local time, August 8.


Super Typhoon  Soudelor, the strongest storm system of 2015, is set to reach Taiwan and China tomorrow morning local time. With winds over 240 km/h bringing threats of flash floods, mudslides, and serious property damage, major shipping lanes and production hubs risk huge delays and disruptions. This weekend, the region stands to lose upwards of $1 billion.

Before the storm hits, tune in tomorrow morning at 9 AM PDT for a live Elementum News webinar on the supply chain impacts of Super Typhoon Soudelor. Learn what you should expect, and how to best prepare your company’s supply chain. Our experts will be discussing:

  • Transportation Impacts: Inbound and outbound lanes, identified by Elementum’s Product Graph™

  • Supplier Impacts: Known industries and number of sites expected to be impacted

  • Mitigation Best Practices: Identify inventory, impacted manufacturing sites, alternative sources, and re-align production schedules

In the past, super typhoons of similar strengths have grounded flights, halted road and rail traffic, and closed factories. Super Typhoon Halong, which hit the Philippines in 2014, cost businesses over $10 billion and knocked out supply chains for 41 weeks. While extreme weather events are unavoidable, it’s possible to prep your supply chain in order to greatly reduce inventory holdup and extreme disruption.

At Elementum, solving supply chain problems is what we do best. Even in the case of a super typhoon, we’re ready to arm you with the most up-to-date, relevant information so that you can make informed decisions. Don’t get caught in the storm—we’ve got you covered.

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