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US Against the World: Everything You Need to Know About Trump's Controversial Trade Policies

By Andrew Beso | July 25, 2018

The Trump administration’s steel and aluminum tariffs, pegged at 25 and 10 percent respectively, have earned the ire of foreign and domestic businesses alike. Yet the administration argues that the move is protected by the constitution: national security is at stake as foreign imports flood the American economy,  putting domestic business at a disadvantage. With new limits on foreign trade, the government promises higher rates of return for domestic steel and aluminum players. More jobs will be generated and the U.S. will be “great again.” Now that the tariffs have gone into effect, has this promise come close to fulfillment?

Leveling the Playing Field for Small Businesses

By Elementum News Desk | July 23, 2018

All businesses are bound to experience some bumps in the road in the course of their corporate existence. From the logistical challenges in smaller companies to the complexities in supply chains as they grow and mature into a full-blown enterprises, one’s fate in the business world is determined by how one responds to these challenges.

Infographic: The Need to Digitize

By Elementum News Desk | July 18, 2018

It’s the 21st century. If technology isn’t doing the bulk of the heavy lifting for your supply chain, then you’re doing something wrong. 

Cutting Down Deforestation in Supply Chains

By Janie Ryan | June 18, 2018

Palm oil, cocoa, beef. They are all weekly, if not daily, parts of the average American’s diet. Yet when not sourced carefully, they’re also some of the biggest threats to the world’s forests.

The Food Industry Embraces Artificial (Intelligence, That Is)

By Charlotte Lee | June 14, 2018

As the volume of data that businesses have available at their fingertips continues to grow exponentially, the ability to distill actionable insight from these mountains of information becomes both ever-more valuable, and ever-more challenging. 

As Fuel Prices Rise, Here's How Supply Chains Can Cut Transportation Costs

By Marc John Villestar | June 11, 2018

Think about the supply chain of virtually every consumer good. If it travelled from a supplier, to a distributor, to a retailer, then most likely its cost is directly linked to the cost of the fuel that helped it make that journey. 

Can Blockchain Help With Supply Chain's Biggest Dilemmas?

By Elementum News Desk | June 7, 2018

When applied to supply chain management, blockchain proposes a system that is flexible and secure, allowing real time and transparent contracts between organizations and third party partners. It’s poised to strengthen supply chains vulnerable to ransomware from the inside out—but is it just better data management with a new name?

China Ramps up Production of Generic Medicine

By Michael Joe A. Ramirez | June 6, 2018

Last year, China boasted the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market. Recently, the country has taken steps to boost investments in its generic pharmaceuticals sector. How could a new flood of cheap, mass-produced generics from China affect the US pharma sector given current trade tensions?

5 Ways Fashion Supply Chains Can Be More Sustainable

By Janie Ryan | May 31, 2018

The fashion industry is no stranger to controversy. From outsourced labor to overflowing sales racks, brands across the board have been accused of having a “bottom line” mentality, squeezing suppliers for every penny and privileging quantity over quality.

Reducing Food Waste

By Tin Tinio | May 29, 2018

Last weekend was one of the country's biggest BBQ blowouts, and you can bet that a lot of that food will go to waste. But it's not just national pig-outs that lead to large amounts of food eventually hitting the landfills. Food waste is a year-round problem. Just how much food goes to waste each year, and why?